To assist students in our community boost their creativity and confidence through composition of unique stories for the stage.

Working at Kirkland Middle School and A.G. Bell Elementary, we help students embrace the joy of making mistakes so they can discover there is no limit to what they can achieve. Every moment on a stage, or in front of a class, or talking to a teacher, or reaching out to a friend, is a unique moment where we must think and react to overcome an obstacle in achieving a goal. Their journey toward opening night holds so many possibilities, life lessons and, we hope, some fun, too. Our talented students might never act in another show but we strive to make certain the experience has a positive impact they will cherish for years to come.


Johnmichael P. Monteith, Performing Arts Director

Johnmichael discovered his life dream when he was permitted to teach and direct middle school students as a freshman in high school. When he was working toward a theatre arts degree at the University of Oregon he directed, designed, and wrote original plays while managing a student theatre, teaching acting and occasionally studying. In 2013 he partially retired so he could assist young adults discover their own gifts and become better people through the joy of performing arts. Johnmichael directs a musical each winter term at A.G. Bell Elementary and returns annually to Kirkland Middle School to direct a musical in the fall and a unique Shakespeare production in the spring.